Everyone has an opinion on what sports massage really is. Most believe that sports massage is an extra painful deep massage, which only elite athletes can take advantage of. Sports massage is a dynamic form of treatment that varies depending on what the goal of the treatment is. In the sport one finds several different needs, and one often focuses on muscle groups that are related to the individual sport. One can be treated before, during / between and after training or competition, and the techniques vary. How can ordinary people benefit from sports massage? The good thing about the treatment is that it can be adapted to specific goals. Whether it's boosting performance at the PT hour, staying longer on the jog, having more energy on and after work, or helping the recovery process, sports massage is the thing for you

Sports massage, is more specific to the muscles and muscle groups associated with each sport.

  • The treatment is to help the musculoskeletal system work best in the sport that is being exercised
  • All practitioners work differently. Along with the masseur you will find out a scheme that works well for you.
  • Many associate sports massage with powerful circulatory massage. That's right, but all in its time. Just before and right after races, races or competitions, there is no powerful massage always the best. What applies to you we must test ourselves for.
  • The treatment aims to make the muscles relax both in terms of recovery and the best possible performance.

Sports massage - classic

  • Here we use techniques and grips from classic massage along with strains, relaxation techniques and possibly trigger point treatment.

Sports Massage - Deep Tissue Release

  • Special treatment that increases circulation in an area. This is a deep and powerful treatment. The most common areas are legs, back and thighs. A good treatment to initiate circulation and make it easier for later treatments. Recommended when you feel "stiff as a stick".

    NB When we say loud, we mean strongly.

Sports massage - other techniques and methods
We use cupping, laser treatment and stretching of the muscle and joint chains (G.D.S method) when needed.

Many of you spend hundreds of hours for training without thinking about the muscles
gets tired. It is not just pros who need muscle care.
Broad experience in sports massage and has, among other things, worked with high-level skating runners, as well as been with the bicycle teams Joker and Motiv3 ProCycling (formerly Oneco-Mesterhus Cyclingteam) as masseur.
Professional massage keeps the muscles in shape and prevents injuries.

Regular massage keeps your muscles in excellent condition and can reduce the risk of muscle tension, cramps and tears.Sports massage helps and stimulates the repair phase of injured or stressed
tissues and so speed up recovery and healing process.

Benefits of sports massage

  • You get stretched and stretched shortened muscles
  • Reduce scar tissue around an injury area
  • Stimulate the body to get rid of excess fluid around the injury area
  • Treat sprains and strain injuries