Elin Brobakken

"For many years i had major ailments with migraine attacks, tension headache and pain in my arm, after numerous attempts at physical therapy and other therapies, I tried Kay. Has become a whole new and better person after this and is totally dependent on him. only one who manages to keep the pain away "

Fred Arne Enger

Sportsdirekteur Oneco-Trek Procycling

"We were lucky to have Kay on the team, always making sure that the muscles were soft and elastic so our riders could perform optimally and at their best at any time. Recommended as he is also an additional resource to others tasks around the team "

Mette Myhrebakken

General manager, Brandbu Torghall

"Kay is a wonderful person, incredibly good at what he does, the muscle tension disappears after being with him. Highly recommended"