• Single-person company within the profession Massage and massage therapy, operated by Kay Ingvald Thingstad Pedersen
  • Clinics in Sætre, Fetsund Oslo and Mysen
  • Diplomatic Massage Therapist at Axelsons BWS in Oslo, 2011
  • Diplomatic Massager at Axelsons BWS in Oslo, 2009
  • 30 Credits in Medicine undergraduate studies at Bjørknes College 2012,

  • Born 1988, training-minded and active person who himself is footballreferee and in addition to actively do cross-country and cycling.
  • I have a broad experience in sports massage with references from Fred Arne Enger in former Motiv3 procycling / Oneco trek procycling team, and Gino Van Oudenhove in Joker Icopal, and Johann Jørgen Fredrikssen Sæves as in 2018, both participate in Sprint european championship and sprintworldchampionship on speedskating.