Dry Needling is a treatment technique that uses needles to treat, among other things, myofascial trigger points or deactivation of trigger points.

Dry needling is a technique developed by Dr. with Peter Baldry that involves deactivating trigger points with superficial, subcutaneous treatment where A-delta nerve fibers are the target of treatment. This is a deep intramuscular treatment that disables trigger points when using needles intramuscularly in the trigger points. Electrotherapeutic stimulation is used by placing electrodes on the needles and stimulating with a needle stimulator. Dry needling is a safe and painless treatment.

Dry needling is an effective treatment for immediate effect muscular dysfunction.

The therapist saves thumb, elbow and wrist.

This technique is combined with massagetechniques and you can order DN as extra service for an extra amount of 50 NOK