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Opening hours:

Tue, wednesday (odd weeks) and Thu:  12:00 - 17:00 (Sætre sportsclinic and wellness)

Tuesday(even weeks); 10:00-17:00 (Fetsund Physical clinic, department Eika Fet Arena)

Mysen and Oslo by appointment


Sætre Sportsclinic and Wellness Sætrealleen, 3475 Sætre

Fetsund Physical Clinic: Eika Fet Arena, Kirkeveien 91, 1900 Fetsund

Mudo Mysen Jernbanegaten 4, 1850 Mysen

Soleus Oslo Bjerregaards gate 49, 0174 Oslo.

We offer

Classical massage

Classical massage is a massage form widely used throughout the world. The classic massage is done with different strokes, knots and frets to loosen the tissue and increase blood circulation. In most cases it is very relaxing and is usually used for well-being.

Sports massage

Many of you lay down hundreds of hours on the bike without thinking that your muscles get tired. It's not just pros who need muscle care.

Sports massage assists and stimulates the repair phase of injury or stress
tissue and thus expedite the recovery and healing process


Dry Needling is a treatment technique that uses needles to treat, among other things, myofascial trigger points or deactivation of trigger points.
Dry needling is an effective treatment for immediate effect muscular dysfunction.

The therapist saves thumb, elbow and wrist.

Corporate massage

Focus on better health and well-being. Corporate massage is a positive and preventative measure to reduce sickness absence. By offering their employees corporate massage as preventive treatment, the company's muscle and skeletal disorders will be reduced. It is profitable to reduce sickness absence with corporate massage

If you have a need for well-being, struggle with severe pain or need follow-up of rest in hard training periods and competitions, then I can help you.

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Sports massage 45 min.

580 NOK

Classical massage/Muscletherapy 60 min.

730 NOK

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